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Elson Correia

Before Semicolon Youtube channel was created by Elson Correia in early May 2016 as a way to share useful video tips with friends and presentations with Instructors about various assignments in college. These videos were shared and re-shared over the years while the channel grew in number of subscribers.

During pandemic, May 2020, the number of subscribers reached 500 which encouraged Elson to push the channel and embrace the idea of becoming a Youtuber.

The channel got a new logo and purpose. It became a way to share knowledge acquired over years of experience as a web and software developer with emphasis on various tricks one can go about to accomplish various results

Who is Elson Correia?

Elson is a Software Engineer based in Boston who specializes in building User Interface and Experience. He worked as Freelancer and Consultant for various companies in the area and he's currently working for Universal Robots as a UI Software Engineer.

Whats the ultimate goal?

The channel is focused in providing a very specific set of information around UI independently of any platform or technology. The ultimate goal would be create a community around passionate UI/UX developers to share tips, best practices and solutions

Ultimately, a community is been built where anyone can always reach out for help and improvements on related topics.

How Can you be part of it?

You can always follow Before Semicolon on social media channels and subscribe to Youtube but it is also important to reach out and connect. Engage yourself with the experience as most of the details fall through the cracks.

Make suggestions, share feedback and contribute to any Before Semicolon project. That would be the ultimate step.

We are all learning and yet everyone has something they can share. Before Semicolon is counting on you!